The company recognises the need to operate its business in a manner that reflects good environmental management, and is committed to balancing the business aims of the company with the need to protect both the local and global environment.

The company is committed to complying with all relevant legislation and other relevant standards, guidance and requirements, locally, nationally and internationally, providing the necessary financial and personnel resources to fulfil the company environmental policy and, where practicable, striving to achieve standards of environmental performance that are above the legal minimum.

The Directors are responsible for the environmental performance of the company and the Managing Director has signed this policy in acknowledgement of this responsibility.

The company is committed to a continual reduction and prevention of pollution, to minimising its environmental impacts and to developing a culture of continual environmental improvement. The company will develop specific environmental management procedures to ensure environmental issues are considered at all levels of the company.

The company will establish objectives and targets, supported by environmental performance evaluation procedures, and will review its environmental performance annually as a minimum. Furthermore the company will incorporate environmental factors into its business decisions.

The company is committed to exploiting environmental opportunities by active resource management and waste minimisation.

The company will minimise the risks of environmental accidents through the formulation and adoption of appropriate risk management procedures and, in conjunction with appropriate authorities, it will ensure an emergency response capability to deal with accidental pollution.

The company will provide the necessary training and support to staff, to ensure that they are able to fulfil the commitments given in this policy statement.

The company will take appropriate action to ensure that suppliers and subcontractors uphold the commitments given in this policy statement.

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